About Path of Life Functional Medicine

At Path of Life Functional Medicine, we believe that you, the patient, are the key to your own health. As your partners on the journey to wellbeing, we empower you to make informed choices. Our goal is to find and treat the root causes of your symptoms so that you can live the life you were meant to.

Our Core Values Of Care

An Integrative Approach

No matter where you are right now in your journey to wellness, our goal is to empower you to create the health you’ve been seeking. By working with you as your partners and coaches, we help you understand your body so that you can confidently make better choices for your health.

Guided by professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds, you’ll learn to approach your health from an integrated perspective that takes into account each aspect of your life to create a complete picture. You’ll have access to the best tools and resources from both Eastern and Western medicine—including smart lifestyle modifications that will help you end chronic symptoms once and for all.


Specialized Attention

You’ll work with a skilled team who put their expertise to work for you. By understanding the root causes of your symptoms and creating new lifestyle habits, you’ll make lasting changes that improve your health.

During your exploratory consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Tim Jones to chart the course for your care and help you set clear goals.

As you continue your journey, Jean Jones, a certified FMHC, will help you create the action steps that keep you motivated and joyfully moving toward your goals.

Personalized Care

No two patients are exactly the same, and that’s why we offer each patient an individualized approach. Using diagnostic tests that go much deeper than what most traditional doctors are using, we get to the root cause of your dis-ease.

We look at your situation holistically, uncovering factors in your home, at work, and even in your mood and mental state that are affecting your health. Once we have this comprehensive picture, we work with you to craft a “lifestyle prescription” that puts you back on the road to good health.

Innovative Treatments

Did you know that it takes on average 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into the standard of care? At Path of Life Functional Medicine, we’re committed to bringing you better tools today—not two decades from today!

Our staff are lifelong learners, continuously growing their wisdom. We encourage them to pursue innovative, out-of-the-box thinking to help our patients achieve their health goals.


Root Cause Resolution

Unlike traditional doctors, our care team always focuses on root cause resolution. We uncover the key imbalances that are causing your symptoms and address them so that you don’t have to suffer any more.

Functional medicine offers solutions, not band-aid fixes. We break the endless cycle of medication, where one drug is prescribed to mask symptoms, and then even more are prescribed to manage the resulting side effects of the first.

Co-Creating Health

At Path of Life, our research and work with patients has shown us that overall wellbeing springs from a healthy gut. Your gut is like a factory, with many different types of bacteria all working together. Just as your gut thrives when bacteria work together, your health thrives when you’re surrounded by a community of others who work with you for your desired results.

We leverage group structures for patient education, peer-to-peer support, and accountability—with both your care team and your fellow patients rooting for your success.

Good Health Begins in Your Gut. Are You Ready to Transform Your Gut Health?

The Philosophy that Drives Us

Our philosophy is simple: We believe in treating people, not symptoms.

Your body is a whole, and we help you listen to what it’s telling you so that you can achieve your optimal health. We don’t believe in prescribing patients a different medication for each symptom. Instead, we partner with patients to find and treat the root causes of their discomfort and set them on a life-long path to good health.

Path of Life was founded on the core belief that doctors and patients are partners in good health.

Our integrative functional medicine approach empowers patients to make changes that last. We want to help you reclaim your energy and vitality, improving your overall quality of life. We offer groundbreaking solutions to a wide variety of serious health issues while keeping you, the patient, at the center of our focus.

We know all patients are different. You deserve an individualized care plan that takes into account your health goals, your biology, and your lifestyle. Our team is here to guide you in decoding the messages your body is giving you so that you can make lasting changes that positively impact your health—now and for years to come.

About Path of Life Functional Medicine

Path of Life Functional Medicine was founded by Timothy Jones, MD, and his wife Jean Jones, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. After over 20 years practicing traditional medicine, Dr. Jones knew there must be a better way to serve patients than by managing their symptoms through medication. When Jean introduced him to functional medicine, the two realized that their combined expertise offered patients a new path to better health.

The Path of Life team is committed to offering individualized care that respects patients’ unique needs. Drawing on both the most advanced medical science and the age-old wisdom of integrated medicine, Path of Life Functional Medicine offers hope and real solutions to those suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. We partner with patients to help them heal, once and for all.

About Timothy Jones, MD

Dr. Timothy Jones graduated from Ross University with a doctorate of Family Medicine. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, receiving a B.A. in Exercise Physiology.

Following a successful career in emergency medicine and hospice care, Dr. Jones was moved to found a functional medicine practice when he saw the profound results that a nutrition-based approach had for his patients. He is committed to freeing patients from the endless cycle of medication and helping them find the path to true health.

Dr. Jones is honored to be joined by his wife Jean Jones, certified FMHC, as well as the rest of the talented team at Path of Life Functional Medicine.

“Without Jean and Dr. Jones’ help, I wouldn’t know where to start…”

When I was diagnosed with IBS-CC, I was given medication, which I took for a while and was thankful for, but I figured there had to be a better way. With the help of Jean and Dr. Jones, I was given a better understanding of IBS, the Elimination Diet, and types of proteins.
I am now medication free. I’ve been able to help my son who seems to have a tummy like mine. Without the help of Jean and Dr. Jones I would not have known where to start.

They think outside the box.

“If you want a doctor and health coach who will LISTEN to you and then HEAR what you are saying and help you reverse your health issues you have found the right team. I have struggled with all the symptoms of hypothyroidism for years…but my blood test were always normal. Dr. Jones and Jean did not let the “normal” test result get in the way of HEARING my increasing thyroid symptoms and the “normal” test result. Finally I am on a regime that has dropped over 20 pounds easily. I am no longer cold all the time and my hair that was thinning is now growing back! I heartily recommend this team of health care givers!!

Take the First Step on Your Path to Wholeness

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